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IDEA & Gifted File Review Tool Kit

This page will serve as a resource for districts and staff who are conducting their IDEA & Gifted File Reviews. Below you will find multiple resources shared by KSDE SETS Team and TASN Technical Assistance Team (TAT). A recording of the 2022-2023 IDEA & Gifted File Review workshop is posted. It is advised that you watch the recording and download the resources to review as you are watching the recording.  If you have any questions regarding the IDEA & Gifted file review, please submit those via email to filereview@ksde.org

IDEA and Gifted Requirements File Review Cohort 3 (SY2023-2024)- PPT

File Review Self-Assessment IDEA Gifted File Review Facilitators Guide- PDF

Kansas IDEA & Gifted File Review Self-Assessment -  PDF

Cohort 2 Timeline - PDF

Cohort 3 Timeline - PDF

Evaluation Eligibility Checklist - PDF

IDEA & Gifted File Review Continuous Improvement Monitoring Consideration Chart - PDF

IDEA & Gifted File Review FAQ 2022 - PDF

IDEA & Gifted review ICA Plan Guidance- PDF

DCAP Form File Review - PDF

DCAP Sample - PDF

Root Cause Analysis Form - PDF

File Review: Measurable Goals and Reporting Progress - PPT

Measurable Annual Goals Progress Monitoring Checklist- Word Doc

Reevaluation Decision Tree- Word Doc


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