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Welcome to the Kansas Math Project! During this soft rollout of KMP, our team has received invaluable feedback from teachers and leaders across the state, and we are working hard to be responsive to that feedback. Following the soft launch of the project, there was overwhelming feedback that both the Foundational Modules A-E and the Grade-Band Modules – both originally slated to take one day each – needed to span two full days due to the sheer wealth of content and to devote more time to working through relevant activities. In response to this feedback, our team has shifted both registration options to two-day sessions. As part of attending the KMP training, you have the opportunity to join Dr. Sarah Powell and Dr. Brad Witzel on any of the KMP Virtual Supports. All registrations for trainings and virtual supports are provided below.

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Foundation Modules Day 1 & 2:

Foundation Modules Days 1 & 2 MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE being allowed to attend Grade-Band Modules Days 1 & 2.  Days 1 and 2 will focus on Foundation Modules A-E. Modules will begin with the belief that all students can learn mathematics. These modules will be followed by a coherent understanding of the progressions that lead to long-term proficiency. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of an explicit and systematic approach to mathematics instruction. The final module will utilize data analysis to drive instruction and intervention. 

Grade-Band Modules Day 1 & 2:

Grade-Band Modules:  It is required that participants have previously completed Foundation Modules A-E training before attending this 2-day training. Participants will receive a variety of grade-band-specific modules on both days for this training, which will provide resources for improving their understanding, language, fluency, and problem-solving skills. 

PreK-2 Grade-Band Modules

  • Addition and Subtraction Facts
  • Counting and Cardinality
  • Composing and Decomposing
  • Addition and Subtraction Computation

Grades 3-5 Grade-Band Modules

  • Understanding Fractions
  • Computation of Fractions
  • Multiplication and Division Computation
  • Decimals

Grades 6-8 Grade-Band Modules

  • Fractions
  • Systems of Equations
  • Solving Equations
  • Worked Samples

Grades 9-12 Grade-Band Modules

  • Transformations
  • Geometric
  • Radicals
  • Interleaving - Retention

In-Person Trainings and Virtual Support Dates:

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