Kansas MTSS and Alignment Defined:

A Multi-Tier System of Supports and Alignment (MTSS) is a term used in Kansas to describe how schools go about creating a system to provide supports for each child in their building to be successful and the processes and tools used to make decisions.

The Kansas MTSS and Alignment is a coherent continuum of evidence based, system‐wide practices to support a rapid response to academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning needs. Frequent data‐based monitoring informs instructional decision making to empower each Kansas student to achieve high standards. The focus of the Kansas MTSS and Alignment is system‐level change across the classroom, school, district and state.

The Kansas MTSS and Alignment provides a system of prevention, early identification and intervention, and supports to ensure every student learns from the instruction. The Kansas MTSS and Alignment establishes a system that intentionally focuses on leadership, professional development, and an empowering culture.

Kansas MTSS and Alignment Vision:

The vision of Kansas MTSS and Alignment is to provide an integrated, Pre-school through College and Career Ready, district-wide training to school districts across Kansas in order to improve academic achievement, positive behavior, and strong social emotional learning for every student.

Kansas MTSS and Alignment Operationalized:

Over the past several years, the Kansas MTSS and Alignment team has used the Self-Correcting Feedback Loop (SCFL) to refine their professional learning and training delivery methods across the state.

Kansas MTSS and Alignment is an overarching framework that guides schools through a process of needs assessment and decision-making that assists in not only selecting effective practices, but also creating a sustainable aligned structure. Schools use Kansas MTSS and Alignment as the framework for their school improvement process.

Kansas MTSS and Alignment Training System:

The Kansas MTSS and Alignment team made a conscious effort to align trainings with the needs of schools in Kansas. The team strives to make sure their work enhances district capacity to meet multiple demands in the areas of assessment, reporting, and meeting the requirements within the accreditation process in Kansas. By working closely with departments providing policy and guidance in these areas, the Kansas MTSS and Alignment team strives to assist districts in streamlining data collection and utilizing data to make informed decisions regarding student needs.

Currently, districts who desire a Kansas MTSS and Alignment pursue this through an application process.  Kansas MTSS Application  If selected, a customized action plan is developed with the district, focusing on refining existing practices and structures, and creating needed practices and structures.

Once a district has all the practices and structures in place, Kansas MTSS and Alignment State Trainers and Coaches provide instruction and support through the implementation and sustainability phases. This training system provides gradual release of responsibility in order to help each district build a sustainable framework.

Getting Started:

A wide range of supports are available on demand through the Kansas MTSS and Alignment page on this website. Feel free to peruse briefs, webinars, and book studies for personal and staff professional learning!

Contact Us:

The Kansas MTSS and Alignment team can be reached via email: linda@kansasmtss.org


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Kansas MTSS and Alignment Core Values:

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