Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Kansas Multi-Tier System of Supports

What We Do

Kansas MTSS Integrated Framework is a coherent continuum of evidence based, system-wide practices to support a rapid response to academic and behavioral needs, with frequent data-based monitoring for instructional decision-making to empower each Kansas student to achieve high standards.

Kansas MTSS Integrated Framework is the term used to describe the system district and school teams develop and operationalize to provide supports for every child to be successful, including the processes and tools used to make data-based decisions. The focus of the Kansas MTSS Integrated Framework is system‐level change across the classroom, school, district and state. The Kansas MTSS Integrated Framework provides a system of prevention, early identification, intervention, and supports to ensure every student learns from the instruction. The Kansas MTSS establishes a system that intentionally focuses on leadership, professional development, and an empowering culture. The word “integrated” in the title is used to emphasize the commitment to include social emotional and behavioral instruction simultaneously with academics.

Kansas MTSS uses the terms outside of the build, structuring, implementation, and refinement to describe a districts movement toward the regular and sustained use of evidence based practices at the district and school level to support students within the Kansas MTSS framework.

The first phase of Kansas MTSS is “structuring”. It is the starting point for the Kansas MTSS training. During this phase of training, teams gain foundational knowledge of Kansas MTSS and the tools to support the creation of structures necessary to implement. District and school teams develop a plan for district wide use of the evidence based practices within the Kansas MTSS Framework. This includes the development of a professional development plan to enure teachers are supported and have the knowledgeable about curriculum and interventions to assist every student be successful.

Phase two is “implementation” and this is the point where districts begin to carry out the plan for district wide use of their identified evidence based practices in order to operationalize Kansas Integrated MTSS within their district.

The final phase is “refinement” and this begins once a district is using evidence practice within the Kansas MTSS framework routinely use data to make adjustments for improvement.

Kansas MTSS Application

Open Application for participation in Kansas MTSS is now available: CLICK HERE Applications are received throughout the year and reviewed quarterly.