Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.


2019 Summer Leadership Conference Presentations

Question & Answer Session for CSI, TSI, and ATS Schools (Video)

KansaStar for CSI, TSI, ATS, Schoolwide, Redesign, and KESA (Video)

State Conferences

2016 KSDE Annual Conference

2016 Summer Leadership Conference

2017 Impact Institute Washburn University

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Sustaining Effective Building Leadership Teams

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Evidence-Based Practices

2017 KSDE Annual Conference

2018 KSDE Annual Conference- We Collect Data...Now What?

2018 KSDE Annual Conference- Creating a Collaborative Culture Through Adult SEL

National Conferences

2017 National Title I Conference

2017 ISTE- Snapchat Coaching: Using Snapchat to Provide Feedback

2017 ISTE- Snapchat Coaching: Video Presentation

2018 AIE Conference- Let the Data Speak: The Collaborative Learning Cycle

HANDOUTS- Let the Data Speak: The Collaborative Learning Cycle

2018 AIE Conference Panel Discussion- System View: Coaching Change Through District Leaders

2019 National ESEA Conference- Engaging in the Right Work: Effective and Efficacious Leadership Teams