State Conferences

2022 KSDE Virtual School Conference - Foundations for Sustainable Change

2019 Summer Leadership Conference - Improving your Systems Through Advocacy

2018 KSDE Annual Conference- We Collect Data...Now What?

2017 KSDE Annual Conference

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Evidence-Based Practices

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Sustaining Effective Building Leadership Teams


National Conferences

2020 National ESEA Conference - Engaging in the Right Work: Building Effective, Efficacious, and Equity Focused Teams - The leadership team sets the culture of the school. The focus on equity cannot be left up to chance, rather it must be the intention of the group. This session provides professionals the tools to dig deeper into the “how” of intentionally building the efficacy of the leadership team. It also provides ways of ensuring teams are engaging in work that is centered around equity. Further, the session focuses on how to intentionally provide psychological safety, the purpose and use of tight participation structures, and asking questions that will bring the science of evidence-based practices into action for teams to monitor implementation.

2018 AIE Conference Panel Discussion- System View: Coaching Change Through District Leaders

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