Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.


State Conferences

2016 KSDE Annual Conference

2016 Summer Leadership Conference

2017 Impact Institute Washburn University

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Sustaining Effective Building Leadership Teams

2017 Summer Leadership Conference: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Evidence-Based Practices

2017 KSDE Annual Conference

2018 KSDE Annual Conference- We Collect Data...Now What?

2018 KSDE Annual Conference- Creating a Collaborative Culture Through Adult SEL

National Conferences

2017 National Title I Conference

2017 ISTE- Snapchat Coaching: Using Snapchat to Provide Feedback

2017 ISTE- Snapchat Coaching: Video Presentation

2018 AIE Conference- Let the Data Speak: The Collaborative Learning Cycle

HANDOUTS- Let the Data Speak: The Collaborative Learning Cycle

2018 AIE Conference Panel Discussion- System View: Coaching Change Through District Leaders

2019 National ESEA Conference- Engaging in the Right Work: Effective and Efficacious Leadership Teams