Kansas Infinitec

What We Do

Infinitec is an innovative assistive and education technology program that offers schools in Kansas access to state-of-the-art technology information, equipment, and professional learning resources, as well as a wide variety of instructional resources based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). 

Assistive technology is any type of tool that helps a child with a disability to increase, improve, or maintain functioning in an academic or functional area.  Examples include communication devices that provide speech options for students that are nonverbal, text-to-speech programs for those with learning disabilities or blindness, or a wheelchair for a student who cannot walk on their own.  

Infinitec is also passionate about providing access to the curriculum to any struggling learner.  Operating within the philosophy of Universal Design for Learning, Infinitec shares resources and professional learning options with teachers.  Our goal is to empower teachers to make changes to instruction that will enhance their teaching, remove barriers, and provide greater access to the curriculum for all learners.  


Who We Are

Infinitec is a partnership of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago and the Kansas State Department of Education Special Education and Title Services and is proud to celebrate over 10 years of service in the State of Kansas.  






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