2021 Summer Leadership Conference

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual KSDE Summer Leadership Conference for administrators and leaders of special education, early childhood, and title programs. 

Conference Live Session Agenda 

Live Conference Session Materials

Additional Materials & Recordings of the live conference sessions will be posted after the conference. 

IDEA State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report Stakeholder Input- PDF

General Session: Dr. Randy Watson, Commissioner

A1ESSER Funds, Relief Aid, MOE, and EANS

A2- Title I Schoolwide: Creating a Well-Rounded Title I Program that Supports School Reform

A3- Indicator 6 - Early Childhood Least Restrictive Environment District Discussions

A4- Alternative Monitoring for Youth Detained or Incarcerated in Local Adult Detention Centers

B1- Title Programs for Non-Public Schools

B2 & D1 -Legal Updates on the Law of Special Education Part 1&2

B3-  What's New in Teacher Recruitment

General Session: Dr. Brad Neuenswander, Deputy Commissioner

C1- Funding Early Childhood Programming Questions and Answers

C2- Licensure Updates

C3- McKinney-Vento Homeless Act

C4- Improving Inclusion through the Special Olympics Unified Champion School Program 

D1 - Legal Updates on the Law of Special Education Part 2 Live Session Recording - ( 52:10 minutes)

D2- ACCESS + HIGH EXPECTATIONS = SUCCESS: The right formula for students who are blind and/or low vision in Kansas

D3-  Data Quality

D4- State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator 13 Quality Indicators Beyond Minimal Compliance

General Session- Legislative and Fiscal Update by Craig Neunswander Recording - ( 49:51 minutes)

Pre-Recorded Content

You can watch all pre-recorded content now. We advise bookmarking this page so that you can reference all these resources throughout the year. 

FY 2022 MIS Workshop Presentation:

Local Consolidated Programs (LCP) Application

Local Consolidated Plan (LCP) Annual Report

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Data Sessions

Early Childhood Funding 


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