Tri-State Webinar: School Administrators and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Part 1 of 2

Archived Webinar Description

In this two-part webinar series, we will answer the most frequently asked questions we receive from school administrators, and advice from administrators.  The interviewees for this webinar will provide succinct, practical ways for school administrators to support students, families, and staff in the educational journey of students with autism.


Learner Objectives

After viewing Part 1, participants will be able to answer:

  • What is autism and what is the school’s role in the educational identification process?
  • Do most students with autism need a paraeducator working with them? 
  • How do we effectively meet the needs of students with autism, and the staff working with them? 
  • What are effective strategies for dealing with problem behaviors and diverse sensory needs? 
  • What do we do when things aren’t working?

In Part 2 participants will learn about how to:

  • Support staff training needs.
  • Help staff individualize programming for students with autism.
  • Be involved and or lead effective IEP meetings.
  • Work with outside providers, and more.


Presenter Information

Annette Wragge is the State Coordinator for the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network. In her role as State Coordinator, Annette works with regional coordinators and various agencies across the state to provide training and technical assistance in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She organizes and provides training opportunities to support the needs of teachers, administrators, and parents of children with ASD> Annette completed her Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification in May 2014. Annette has completed advanced-level training in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Structured Teaching, Visual Supports, Verbal Behavior Training, The Assessment for Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS), Social Stories, and various Instructional Strategies for individuals on the autism spectrum. Annette has presented locally and nationally and co-authored the 2011 Hidden-Curriculum One a Day Calendar for Kids. She also authored/co-authored two Autism Internet Modules, Social Narratives: Online Training Module (2011) and Screening and autism: Online training module ( 




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