IEP Paperwork: Chunk It Into Manageable Pieces

Guest Writer: Stephanie D. Brown, IEP Development & Compliance Facilitator from Goddard Schools, shares several resources in this document. 

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Provide Supports to Yourself: Use the Strategies We Teach Our Students

IEP paperwork is something that many special educators dread. The anxiety and worry about how much time it will take, whether they will have all the needed data, whether the IEP will meet the state and district requirements, etc. causes some of us to put off completing the IEP paperwork until right before the deadline.

Sound familiar? Do some of our special education students become overwhelmed when they have a big project or a test? We know exactly what to do to help our students. We teach them how to plan their study time, chunk the material, set interim due dates, and how to use strategies to memorize the material. We can make IEP paperwork more manageable for ourselves by utilizing similar accommodations and strategies.



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