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Tri-State Webinar: Be More with Core

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Core vocabulary is a research and evidence-based approach to supporting language. This presentation is guaranteed to get you excited about using core vocabulary to support your students with complex communication needs. The webinar will begin with a brief overview of core vocabulary. Then, Kelly will share information about a district-wide core vocabulary initiative that has been going strong for over six years. Finally, you will learn about the many ways you can use core words to support your students with functional communication through the use of core boards, devices, and activities.

Learner Objectives

After viewing this webinar, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about what core vocabulary is and how to explain it to others.
  • Be able to utilize a variety of ways to provide core vocabulary for functional communication.
  • Have ideas and activities to use with students immediately to support communication

Presenter Information

Kelly Key, M.A., is the Assistive Technology Coordinator for Barrington School District (EC-Transition) in Barrington, Illinois. She has also served as a special education teacher, Special Services Facilitator, and Assistant Principal. Kelly's goal is to ensure that all students have access to the curriculum, whether it is through simple modification, a program or tool, or a complex communication system. She believes that every child has a light inside of them, and she strives to find that light, and turn it on through the use of assistive technology.

Certificate of Attendance

After viewing the Webinar, complete and submit the Study Questions Form to earn a certificate of attendance.