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Tri-State Webinar: Programming for Middle and High School: Part 3 of 4: Developing and Implementing Age-Appropriate visual Supports for School and Community Environments

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This four-part series provides participants with information about programming for secondary aged students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Presenters will discuss how to use assessment and curriculum guides to determine priorities in instruction across learning environments. Participants will also learn about how to teach routines through a task analysis, how to develop and implement age appropriate visual supports for school and community environments, and strategies for visually supporting social, communication and behavioral skills.

Learner Objectives:

  • Identify several assessments and curriculum guides that will assist with the development of age appropriate goals and objectives for middle and high school students with ASD.
  • Create task analyses, and identify appropriate natural and instructional cues to promote independence in routines.
  • Create and implement a variety of visual supports, in the areas of academics, organization, and vocational skills,and independent living skills, across school and community environments.
  • Develop and implement visual supports for middle and high school students in the areas of social,communication and behavioral skills.

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