How Can You Help? Stress and Childhood

Stress is often thought of as an adult issue but children are exposed to stress every day through school, home or social interactions. There are several types of stress that can make a difference in the impact on a child’s brain and physical development. Since the effects of some types of stress can last a lifetime, it is important that families understand and recognize the signs that a child may be experiencing toxic stress. The How Can You Help? Stress and Childhood resource provides information to families and educators on toxic stress. This resource equips caring adults with insights into the prevention and reversing of damage due to toxic stress through strategies that can be practiced daily.

This resource was created through a partnership between Families Together, Inc., Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC), and the TASN School Mental Health Initiative (SMHI). (Updated 2021.03)


This resource is intended for educational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to take the place of informed professional diagnosis, advice, or recommendations. Families Together, KPIRC, and the TASN SMHI assume no liability for errors or for the way in which this information is used.

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