Tri-State Webinar: Unstuck and On Target: Helping Students with Planning, Organization, and Flexible Thinking: Part 1 of 3


In this three-part series, Dr. Anthony will discuss executive functioning difficulties in the classroom and in social situations. In the Part 1, she will pay particular attention to distinguishing what a student "can't" do from what a student "won't" do, and how to turn those "cant's" into "cans". In Unstuck and On Target! Parts 2 & 3 Dr. Anthony will cover the basics of implementing her "Unstuck and On Target!" intervention. "Unstuck and On Target!" is a ready-to-use, empirically-supported curriculum written with the contribution of teachers, students and parents in order to help children with ASD learn cognitive flexibility and other executive function skills through fun and engaging lessons designed to be used in schools. Dr. Anthony will provide tips and tools you can use immediately.

Learner Objectives:

Goal: Increase your understanding of how to identify and teach executive functioning skills and accommodate executive functioning weaknesses.

  1. Describe the importance of executive functioning (EF).
  2. Describe the evidence we have that teaching EF skills works well for elementary-aged students.
  3. Teach flexibility, organization & planning skills using specific scripts or vocabulary and other tools.

Presenter Information: 

Dr. Anthony completed a dual degree Ph.D. program in clinical and developmental psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1997. Since then, she has focused her most of her research and clinical work on children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and intervention development and implementation, including coauthoring both editions of Unstuck and On Target, Solving Executive Functioning Challenges and the new online parent training program e-Unstuck. She has also received funding for 11 federally-funded and 7 foundation research grants including several to study the Unstuck and On Target suite of interventions.

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