Kansas Teacher Retention Project (eMSS)


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Mentee Expectations

Benefits and Expectations of the eMSS program

We match new special education teachers with an online mentor and other developmental support to facilitate continual growth in your ongoing teaching career.

In order to ensure you reap all of the benefits of the program, we have established expectations for your participation. These expectations will support you in utilizing eMSS most effectively in ways that will impact your growth as a new teacher.

  1. Communicate with your mentor 2 times per week. Communication can be posting in eMSS communities (Our Place), emails, phone calls, or video chats. You are expected to login to the Torsh-Talent Platform twice per week.
  2. Participate in a goal setting process with your mentor. The goals will be aligned to those you have created for your district. You will share your professional goals with your mentor so he/she can support you in reaching those goals.
  3. Complete 1 Exploration per year. You can select the Exploration topic and timing of your choice.
  4. Participate in 3 video observation cycles during the school year (pre-conference, share video, post conference with your mentor). We provide special education mentees with an iPad and the necessary platform to simply execute this portion of our participation expectations.
  5. Complete eMSS program surveys as requested.

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