The Behavioral Language Assessment Form (BLAF)*

The BLAF is a quick assessment that can be done before the staff completes the more thorough ABLLS or VB-MAPP assessments.

Basic Principles of the BLAF: 

  • It has 12 sections that cover early language and related areas (pp. 15-46, Teaching Language to Children Manual).
  • It helps to determine where to start a language intervention program.
  • It is a quick assessment that can help guide initial programming and give an overall view of the student’s skills.
  • A typical 3-4 year old child would have the BLAF skills completed.

Image of the first page of the BLAF

preview image of BLAF_Beh._Lang_Assess._Form___Correlating_ABLLS_Goals.pdf for The Behavioral Language Assessment Form (BLAF)*


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