UDL Book study: The Shift to Student-Led Reimagining Classroom Workflows with Universal Design for Learning

by Instruction within Inclusive Learning Environments

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December 13, 2023 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
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Please join us for a book study on The Shift to Student Led- Reimagining Classroom Workflows with UDL and Blended Learning by Katie Novak and Catlin Tucker 


Catlin Tucker and Katie Novak have worked with too many educators who are frustrated and disillusioned with the teaching profession. They know that teachers are drowning in work and unrealistic demands. Many are mentally and emotionally exhausted by the uncertainty and constant change created by the pandemic. Each chapter in The Shift to Student-Led takes apart one traditional teacher-led workflow, examining the problems it presents teachers and students, what the research says versus what the reality in the classroom is, and how UDL and blended learning can free teachers from the “sage on the stage” role and place students at the center of their learning. These reimagined student-led workflows help students develop self-awareness, internal motivation, and self-regulation skills, which are critical to becoming expert learners.

Intended for K-12 educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders, this book is full of principles, strategies, and resources that can be put into practice right away by teachers at any level who want to create academically robust, inclusive learning communities.

Focus for Dec. 13, 2023 

  • WORKFLOW SHIFT #9 From Teachers Initiating Parent Communication to Learners Owning the Conversation about Their Progress
  • WORKFLOW SHIFT #10 From Teacher Project Design to Student-Led-Project-Based Learning




Learning Objectives

Why? ›

Teachers are working too hard to not have better academic results, higher levels of student engagement, and more balance in their lives. We need to allow students to build agency and ownership in expert learning. The more students actively engage in all parts of the learning process, the less pressure there is on the teacher to do all of the work.

How? ›

Throughout this book, we’ll focus on time-consuming teacher-led workflows and how to reimagine each one so you’ll gain an understanding of how to make each one sustainable and student-led. •

Participantes will: 

1: Discuss and reflect on the use of workflow. 

2. Make a plan to use workflows discussed with their students.




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December 13, 2023 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Check In
at 11:20 AM
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