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The Science of Reading

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The Kansas MTSS processes for reading rely on what we know from research and science about how reading develops and how to treat reading difficulties. This webinar describes the rationale for teaching reading “scientifically,” and shows what effective reading instruction needs to include. Many of us as teachers were poorly prepared to teach reading in a systematic, sequential and explicit method. The KS MTSS processes for reading are developed around “The Science of Reading,” which consists of scientific evidence about how reading develops, why some students struggle to read, how we can prevent reading failure, and effective instructional practices for teaching reading. Knowing about the processes involved in the brain during reading impacts our instruction.


Content that references the integrated nature of academics, behavior, and social skills or tools that are integrated (e.g. protocols and assessment plans) was informed by and adapted from the collaboration with CI3T (Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-tiered Model of Prevention) research team at the University of Kansas (Lane, K.L, Oakes, W.P., et al. 2013-2015).