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DCCCA Suicide Prevention Module Series

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This four-part series was created by DCCCA in collaboration with Headquarters Counseling Center.

1. Asking the Question

The first in this series on Suicide Prevention, Asking the Question, looks at the language and behaviors around having important conversations with those who may be thinking of suicide.


2. Kansas Suicide Prevention Plan

The Kansas Suicide Prevention Plan is a comprehensive plan designed to encourage participation of Kansas communities in addressing suicide prevention at a local level. This module provides an overview of the plan and its components.


3. Prevention Factors

By being aware of the risk and prevention factors as well as the warning signs, we can talk more openly about suicide and thus work to prevent it. This module includes information on risk and prevention factors, and how to use them in your efforts to prevent suicide attempts.


4. Suicide Prevention Resources

This module provides a brief guide to locating suicide prevention resources online as well as information for several resources available.