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Preventing Teacher Burnout and Fostering Staff Well-Being

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Presentation by Julie Ward, LSCSW and Cherie Blanchat, LSCSW at the 2017 KSDE Dialogue Summit.

Teachers and nurses tie for the highest rate of daily stress among all occupational groups. Additionally, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), have a direct correlation on physical and mental health. Given that 54.5% of Kansans have experienced one or more ACEs, it’s likely that many teachers have a personal history of ACEs, increasing their vulnerability to secondary trauma and compassion fatigue when working with students with ACEs. As educational leaders, administrators need to possess a strong understanding of secondary trauma and its impact on school staff.  This session will focus on acknowledging the prevalence of teacher burnout; identifying four major sources of teacher stress; and reflecting on specific actions that research shows effective in reducing stress and improving well-being, such as workplace wellness, social emotional learning, and mindfulness/stress management programs.

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