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SWIVL Stipend Form

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Co-teachers and coaches can earn a personal $200 stipend!

Co-teachers can complete up to 8 hours in planning and reflection outside the contract day ($25 per hour).


Along with the SWIVL video, co-teachers and/or coaches must submit a copy of collaborative planning tool(s) or documentation:

·         Meeting minutes and action plan

·         Signed releases for any student and staff who are included in video

·         Self-Assessment: Are we really co-teachers

·         Co-teaching Differentiated Lesson plan

·         Reflection or narrative for the video


Co-teaching Coaches are also eligible to receive a stipend. Coaches’ participate in the planning session. Coaches are encouraged to then observe the planned lesson and complete an instructional observation form and a coaching post-conference. Use the SWIVL to record the coaching session and write a reflection to accompany video.

·         Submit the instructional observation form and coaching/feedback form

·         Upload video to SWIVL Pro account

Contact Shonda Anderson for more information. sanderson@ucpnet.org