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Kansas Administrator's Guide to Autism Specturm Disorders


Kansas TASN Monthly Newsletter 12/01/2014  Link
Teacher Resources Updated   Format
Boardmaker For Mac Tutorials    
Convert Boardmaker Files to PDF   10/1/2014     MP4
Adding Boardmaker Copyright Note to PDF   10/1/2014       MP4
Importing Pictures into Boardmaker Plus Symbol Library   10/1/2014       MP4
Creating a Board with Multiple Pages in Boardmaker   10/1/2014       MP4
Making Buttons with No Gap in Boardmaker   10/1/2014       MP4
Spray and Resize Buttons in Boardmaker   10/1/2014       MP4
Making Images Black and White in Boardmaker   10/1/2014       MP4

September 2014 Teacher Resources: Getting to Know Each Other- (This teacher resource packet features ways for students, staff, and families to get to know one another through forms, worksheets, and work tasks )

 Updated  Format
September Resource 2014 Instructions  10/1/2014 PDF
Getting to Know Each Other Downloads  10/1/2014  Link

October 2014 Teacher Resources: Visual Supports Social Narratives- (This teacher resource packet features visual supports and social narratives that support teachers and students with non-routine events such as picture day, fire drills, and having a substitute teacher)

Updated Format
 October Resource 2014 Instructions 11/2/2014  PDF
 Visual Supports & Social Narratives Downloads  11/2/2014  Link
Disproportionality Resources (Examining Disproportionality in Kansas Schools and Districts)  Updated  Format
This case study identifies resources (state-specific and national) available to Kansas schools and districts.


Additional Resources about Disproportionality