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Roots to Resources

TASN providers Project Success and Kansas Secondary Connections (KSSC), along with KPIRC, Families Together, and the KSDE Special Education Services (SES) Team created Roots to Resources to provide Kansas school districts with a practical, hands-on workshop in data-driven decision making and root cause analysis for State Performance Plan (SPP indicators) for students with disabilities. Roots to Resources is fully funded by KSDE SES through TASN.


  • Team-based
  • Practical, hands-on workshop
  • Root cause analysis
  • Data-driven decision making
  • SPP outcome action planning
  • Compatible with MTSS and other initiatives
  • Followed by distance-based check-in & support


  • Districts missing SPP targets (see below) will benefit most from this workshop.
  • Interested districts may inquire about attendance.


Roots to Resources is a working workshop. All work is team-based, and teams should plan to attend the entire two-day event and participate in check-in activities after the workshop. Two workshops will be held in the fall semester of 2012. District team leaders may choose the workshop that is best for their team.

Visit the Roots to Resources site for more information on forming a team, registering, and preparing for Roots to Resources.

This is a team-based workshop, and it is compatible with MTSS and other improvement initiatives.

District teams can expect to leave the workshop with an action plan to gather more data, engage stakeholders, and work towards a data-driven implementation plan. The Roots to Resources team will provide follow-up telephone and email coaching to help support district teams in accomplishing their action planning steps.

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KS Secondary Connections:
Support for Cluster 1 SPP Indicators

Project Success:
Support for Cluster 2 SPP Indicators

1 – Graduation
2 – Dropout
4 – Suspension/Expulsion
13 – Secondary Transition
14 – Post-School Outcomes

3 – Math Achievement
3 – Reading Achievement
5 – Least Restrictive Environment (LRE, 3 categories)

Along with Families Together, Inc., and the Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC) - providing support for family-school partnership and parent engagement in schools.