Summer Leadership Conference Materials

Summer Leadership Conference for Special Education Administrators
July 2013

***In order to receive the Certificate of Attendance for this conference, you must complete the conference evaluation.

2013 Conference Agenda
Conference at a Glance

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2013 KSDE TASN Summer Leadership Conference July 25th-26th, 2013

Summer Leadership Conference Agenda: Agenda 7/17/2013


Dr. Diane Debacker

General Session:

  • Presentation- will be uploaded after the conference

Brad Neuenswander

General Session:

  • Presentation-not uploaded

Colleen Riley

ECSETS Updates

Dr. Larry Wexler

General Session

Breakout Session A1 & B1 (Thursday and Friday)

  • No Handouts- This will be a structured conversation

Dr. Randy Sprick

General Session  (Thursday)

Mark Ward 

Breakout Sessions A2 & B2 (Thursday and Friday)

Stacie Martin

Breakout Sessions A3 & B3 (Thursday and Friday)

Medicaid-Rachel Dean, Mark Shoenberg, and Jon Harford

Breakout Sessions A4 & B4 (Thursday and Friday)

Dean Zajic & Wayne Ball

Breakout Sessions A5 & B5 (Thursday and Friday)

Julie Wilson

Breakout Sessions A6 & B6 (Thursday and Friday)

Sandy Guidry 

Breakout Sessions A7& B7 (Thursday and Friday)


Kerry Haag & Shonda Anderson

General Session (Am Friday)

Wayne Ball

General Session (Friday)

Dale Dennis & Craig Neuenswander

General Session (Friday)

  • Presentation -will be uploaded after the conference.

 New Directors

Pre-Conference Session (Wednesday)





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