Evaluation and Eligibility Resources


KSDE SES Guidance Documents    
Kansas Special Education Process Handbook January 3, 2014 Link
KSDE SES Non-Regulatory Support Documents    
Eligibility Indicators Document Oct 5, 2011 PDF
Presentations & Webinars    
Evaluation & Eligibility Practices Presentation Handout [KSDE Leadership & KASP] Mar 23, 2012 PDF
Evaluation & Eligibility Practices Webinar Mar 23, 2012 Flash
Evaluation & Eligibility Legal Requirements Presentation Jan 03, 2012 PDF
Evaluation & Eligibility Legal Requirements Webinar Jan 03, 2012 Flash
Evaluation Procedures Reflection Jan 02, 2012 PDF
Inital Evaluation & Eligibility Determination Using PSW and RTI
Workshop Power Points 10/21/2013 PDF
Reading List 10/21/2013 PDF
Cognitive Abilities Measured by the WISC-IV 10/21/2013 PDF
MTSS Procedures for GEIs 10/21/2013 PDF
Suggested Readings
Evaluation and Eligibility Reading List Jan 23, 2012 PDF
NCLD Position Statement on Determination of Specific Learning Disabilities May 23, 2012 Visit Site
Evaluation and Eligibility for Students with Limited English Proficiency    
Evaluation Eligibility for Limited English Proficiency Student Presentation 4/10/2015 PPT
Evaluation and Eligibility for Limited English Proficiency Handout 4/10/2015 PDF
Evaluation and Eligibility for Limited English Proficiency Resource 4/10/2015 PDF
Training Opportunities    
Evaluation & Eligibility Training Opportunities will be scheduled after January 1, 2012
Watch the TASN Calendar for additional training opportunities.