Emergency Safety Intervention Resources


ESI Regulations (Effective April 19, 2013) Updated       Format    
K.A.R. 91-42-1 and 91-42-2, As passed by the Kansas State Board of Education 04/10/2013  PDF
2014-2015 Kansas Professional Learning Opportunities  Updated   Format    
TASN Behavior Training Matrix 7/1/2014 PDF
Emergency Safety Intervention Trainings 7/1/2014 PDF 
Safety First Curriculum 7/1/2014 PDF
Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children 7/1/2014  PDF
Kansas Champs & Discipline in Secondary Classroom  7/1/2014 PDF
In the Driver's Seat  7/1/2014 PDF 
MTSS Book Studies 7/28/2014 PDF
2014-2015 MTSS:CI3T Professional Learning Series 8/13/2014 PDF
Regional De-escalation Trainings 9/18/2014  PDF
ESI Resources  Updated          Format    
1. General    
a. U.S. Department of Education Restraint and Seclusion: Resource Document  04/10/2013  PDF
b. ESI Bookmark  06/23/2013  PDF
c. Memo on ESI Traning Requirment of the Regulations  06/19/2013  PDF
d. Emergency Safety Intervention Guidance Document  12/10/2013  PDF
e. Memorandum Clarifying the ESI Regulations  09/05/2013  PDF
f.  ESI Regulations Flow Chart  09/23/2014  PDF
g. ESI Targeted Technical Assistance Process Document  09/30/2014  PDF
2. Families & Early Childhood    
a. A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and Restraint) in Kansas (English)  04/10/2013  PDF
b. A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and Restraint) in Kansas (Spanish)  11/14/2013  PDF
c. Safety First Training for Early Childhood  08/18/2014 PDF
d.Virtual Kit: Kanas ESI Regulations Apply to Preschoolers!  05/07/2013  WebLink
3. Transportaion Supervisors (Dr. Randy Sprick)    
a. An Orientation for Transporation Supervisors PPT  09/18/2013  PDF
b. Sample Documents for Transportation Supervisors  09/18/2013  PDF
c. Webinar: Behavior Support Planning for Transportation Supervisors in Kansas (Randy Sprick)  09/18/2013  Link
ESI Regulations Webinar  Updated  Format
Emergency Safety Intervention Handouts 05/13/2013 PDF
Facilitators Guide and Slides 05/13/2013 PDF
Emergency Safety Interventions Webinar 05/13/2013 PDF
ESI Part 1 Updated Format
ESI Training  Part 1 06/05/2013 PDF
ESI What Early Childhood Practitioners Need to Know -Presentation 10/7/2013 PDF
Safety First Training for Early Childhood 08/18/2014 PDF
Early Childhood ESI Scenarios 09/01/2013 PDF
Early Childhood ESI Scenarios-Key 09/01/2013 PDF
FAQs on ESI in Early Childhood Scenarios 07/03/2013 PDF
Early Childhood ESI and PBIS Training Resources 09/18/2013 PDF
ECRC PBIS Holdings Handout 09/17/2014 PDF
ESI Part 2 Updated Format
ESI Part 2 Webinar 06/06/2014 SWF
ESI Training Part 2 10/28/2013 PDF
Crisis Review Checklist for Educators 09/25/2013 PDF
Escalation Cycle Graphic 09/25/2013 PDF
Escalation Cycle List of Appropriate Responses 09/25/2013 PDF
Behavior Resource List 09/25/2013 PDF
Action Plan 09/25/2013 PDF
ESI Part 3 Updated Format
ESI Part 3 Webinar  06/06/2014  SWF
District Building ESI Data Questions  06/06/2014  PDF
ESI Part 3 Sample Data Collection  06/06/2014  Excel
ESI Part 3 Presentation  06/06/2014  PPT
De-escalation Updated Format
Dr Geoff Colvin's "Key Elements of De-escalation" Ask the Experts Webinar. 03/14/2014 WebLink
Key Elements of De-escalation PowerPoint  03/14/2014  PDF
Behavior Associates Website  03/14/2014  WebLink
Regional De-escalation Training Material Updated Format
Preventing the Escalation of Challenging Behaviors in School Settings PowerPoint  05/06/2014  PDF
Notes Handout for Preventing the Escalation of Challenging Behaviors in School Settings  05/06/2014  PDF
De-escalation Web Resources  05/06/2014  PDF
De-escalation Worksheet  05/06/2014  PDF
Stages of Behavior Escalation  05/06/2014  PDF
A-B-C Analysis  05/06/2014  Word Doc
ESI Reporting Updated Format
Kan-Dis Login 01/03/2014 WebLink
Kan-Dis Information and Resources 01/03/2014 WebLink
Memo to Kansas Administrators Regarding Changes in Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) Reporting for the 2014-15 School Year 09/23/2014 PDF
Memo to Kansas Administrators Regarding 2013-14 Emergency Safety Intervention Data Analysis and Targeted Technical Assistance 09/23/2014 PDF