Emergency Safety Intervention Resources


ESI Regulations (Effective April 19, 2013) Updated       Format    
K.A.R. 91-42-1 and 91-42-2, As passed by the Kansas State Board of Education 04/10/2013  PDF
ESI Webinar Updated Format
Emergency Safety Intervention Handouts 05/13/2013  PDF
Facilitators Guide and Slides 03/12/2013  PDF
Emergency Safety Interventions Webinar 06/14/2013  PDF
ESI Resources Updated Format
 A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and Restraint) in Kansas  04/10/2013  PDF
U.S. Department of Education Restraint and Seclusion: Resource Document 04/10/2013  PDF
05/31/2013 PDF
Overview of Existing Resources on Prevention Techniques, De-escalation Techniques, and Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies**Note**:( KSDE has received many requests for a starting point for training resources. Due to the volume of these requests we wanted to get information out as soon as possible. However, this document is not complete. We are working to put this document in a searchable format and add more information as it becomes available. Please continue to check this website for updates to this document.)
04/23/2013  PDF
Virtual Kit: Kansas ESI Regulations Apply to Preschoolers! 05/07/2013 WebLink
Memo on ESI Training Requirement of the Regulations 06/19/2013 PDF
Emergency Safety Intervention Guidance Document 12/10/2013 PDF 
Early Childhood ESI and PBIS training Resources 09/18/2013 PDF
ESI Clarification Memorandum 09/05/2013 PDF
An Orientation for Transporation Supervisors PPT (Randy Sprick) 09/18/2013 PDF
Sample Documents for Transportation Supervisors (Randy Sprick) 09/18/2013 PDF
Webinar: Behavior Support Planning for Transportation Supervisors in Kansas (Randy Sprick) 09/18/2013 Link
A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and Restraint) in Kansas (Spanish) 11/14/2013 PDF
ESI Part 1 Updated Format
ESI Training  Part 1 06/05/2013 PDF
ESI What Early Childhood Practitioners Need to Know -Presentation 10/7/2013 PDF
Safety First Brief: A set of Guidlines and Procedures 09/13/2013 PDF
Early Childhood ESI Scenarios 09/01/2013 PDF
Early Childhood ESI Scenarios-Key 09/01/2013 PDF
FAQs on ESI in Early Childhood Scenarios 07/03/2013 PDF
Early Childhood ESI and PBIS Training Resources 09/18/2013 PDF
ECRC PBIS Holdings Handout 08/13/2013 PDF
ESI Part 2 Updated Format
ESI Training Part 2 10/28/2013 PDF
Crisis Review Checklist for Educators 09/25/2013 PDF
Escalation Cycle Graphic 09/25/2013 PDF
Escalation Cycle List of Appropriate Responses 09/25/2013 PDF
Behavior Resource List 09/25/2013 PDF
Action Plan 09/25/2013 PDF
De-escalation Updated Format
Dr Geoff Colvin's "Key Elements of De-escalation" Ask the Experts Webinar. 03/14/2014 WebLink
Key Elements of De-escalation PowerPoint  03/14/2014  PDF
Behavior Associates Website  03/14/2014  WebLink
ESI Reporting Updated Format
Kan-Dis Login 01/03/2014 WebLink
Kan-Dis Information and Resources 01/03/2014 WebLink
ESI Behavior Support Updated Format
TASN Behavior Support Training Matrix  08/09/2013  PDF