The Kansas State Department of Education Early Childhood, Special Education & Title Services, through the Technical Assistance System Network (TASN), is pleased to announce an exciting partnership opportunity.

In support of making Co-Teaching available to Kansas educators, TASN is offering 6 openings for those interested in having a Co-Teaching Trainer prepared to deliver Villa, Thousand and Nevin’s Co-Teaching model. Once trained in the Co-Teaching Series, these individuals will be able to provide Co-Teaching training to co-teaching teams and district coaches across the state. Whether you are a service center interested in adding to the professional learning opportunities you currently provide or a district or cooperative that wants to ensure that teachers across our state have access to high quality training to support evidence-based practices, this is the training you have been looking for!

The cost to have an individual trained/certified is only $1000. This price includes preparation using strategies contained in A Guide to Co-Teaching: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning AND A Guide to Co-Teaching with Para-educators and support over the next 2 years), materials and books, and access to ongoing support – all delivered and supported by Richard Villa and Kansas State Co-Teaching Trainers (TOTs)! In addition, Co-Teaching Trainers selected will have access to other TASN Co-Teaching professional learning at no cost.

Join TASN for a webinar on April 30, 2014, at 9:00am to hear additional information about this opportunity.





The application and additional details are included in the 3 document titles listed below (Please click on the underlined documents to open):